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21st Anniversary of the bis Show & Awards
British Invention Show
Entry Deadline 17th December 2021
Design - Innovation  - Invention - Technology
Titles announced 27th December 2021
Awards presented in association with The British inventors Society
Ideas - Prototypes - New product launches

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bis is a fantastic organisation led with true heart and soul. It has been a huge resource for me over the years and I love seeing and judging ideas from the some of the best minds on the planet. Being an inventor can be a lonely experience, but bis is always there, a fantastic sounding board, wholeheartedly encouraging and helping inventors to bring their dreams to life. I love chairing the judging panel for these great awards and seeing awesome new ideas develop from the very start.


Jeff Wolf OBE

Inventor Morpher foldable flat Cycle Hemlet

Chairman bis Awards Jury




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- Morpher foldable cycle helmet

21st YEAR bis Annual Awards
SAVOY - The Strand - London

The British Invention of the Year Jury will score the exhibits, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded to those who in the their opinion have reached the score and standard required.

The Gold Silver and Bronze medal winners are narrowed down by score and deliberation for the GRAND FINAL.

The 30 grand final winners, 5 outright winners and winner of the World Invention Award winners will be advised on the 27th of December 2021.


A word from our founder

"I have continued to love invention and innovation and have continued to grow that love year on year, decade upon decade. For invention and subsequent development into an innovation, drives our economy and determines our cultural behavior based on habits formed as innovation blossoms and we adapt to new thinking, new ideas, new technology and new environments. Civilisation is a result of  creativity and innovation. Without humankind's staggeringly unique ability to imagine, and then follow through with a creation and physical embodiment culturing seeds of change inside our minds and all around us, where would humankind be today?"

"Dream and Change the World" Kane Kramer CEO bis

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Apple's iPhone is a consumer phenomenon – but it's not widely known that much of its technology is designed by British companies. In fact, the MP3 player was invented thirty years ago by British innovator, Kane Kramer.”

~ Sir James Dyson

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In the last 5 years the British Invention Show has donated in excess of £100,000 to registered charities, supporting global issues.

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